1. $0 out of pocket = instant monthly savings

With solar, timing is everything. Special Financing allows homeowners to install Solar for $0 out of pocket costs. This allows you to make immediate cash flow positive gains. This amazing time allows you to leverage your homes value to make cost saving decisions that will also improve the quality of your life.


2.Locked in energy rate

Energy Rate have been increasingly rising steadily over the past 30 years. Each year your electricity provider raises your rate by 3-7%, which over a few years add up to well over 25%. By going solar, you will no longer realize increased rate hikes and can rest assured you will be able to afford your usage for life.

3. Increased Property Value

Research has shown that Solar Installation is one of the best and most retentive value adds you can do to your home. Homes with Solar Installations sold at an average of 4.5% more than homes without Solar. With a median home value of $400,000.00, that’s an increase of $18,000.00. Not to mention the desirability of the solar home vs one without solar.


4.Tax Credits and Incentives

California is one of the States providing a 30% Tax Credit to homeowners who install solar. This incentive can apply directly dollar for dollar towards your Federal Tax Bill. Any amount not used can roll over and be used for up to 5 additional years. An $18,000.00 Solar Installation will return a $5,400.00 Tax Credit, therefore reducing the NET Cost of the System.

5. Clean, green, renewable energy

The benefits of Solar Energy go beyond our need to save money. It’s about the children of tomorrow, a clean environment to allow our future to succeed in a clean and vibrant world.


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