About Us

About Us

SunPro Energy Corp. is in clean energy services. We make solar energy available to homeowners, businesses, schools, and government organizations at a lower cost than they pay for energy generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.

SunPro Energy Corp. believes that individual energy choices have a direct, measurable impact on the health of the environment, and the strength of the economy. Our mission is to help millions of homeowners; businesses and City Department of Power adopt clean, renewable solar power and energy efficiency, to protect them from rising electricity costs and protect their environment from polluting power sources.

Who We Are

SunPro Energy is a leading Solar Company in its field with Top of the Line Solar Panels US & International Top Rated panels ever made in the Industry and an Engineering and Installation department that is recognized throughout the City Planner/Permit division for our exceptional performance and Customer satisfaction.

We are also proud of our Home efficiency division Approved by PACE (State of Ca approved efficiency program);

Most Houses will be approved to become more Energy efficient, which will be part of the Efficiency Upgrade Funds approved by the State of Ca.

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What is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the energy received by the Earth from the Sun., which makes the production of solar electricity possible.

Photovoltaic Energy

The Energy generated by incident Solar Energy (light) into electricity is termed as Photovoltaic Solar Power. This is done using Photovoltaic Solar Cells.

Every one of us can get the benefits of the applications of photovoltaic solar power.

Why we should go Solar

We at SunPro Energy Corp. believe that it is always important, as a society, to look at the whole picture

We make an enormous impact on our Earth

Rich countries make a huge impact on climate change because of our dense population and individual energy usage. The more appliances we own and operate, the more energy we use. For poor countries, their impact on the environment comes from burning fossil fuels because they have few options.

Just because one has less, doesn’t mean one is healthier.

That’s why going solar isn’t just for the rich or the poor, it’s for everybody.

  1. Solar power benefits the environment.
  2. Solar energy helps you save money.
  3. Solar energy helps you be independent from electricity.
  4. Solar panels are easy and safe to install.
  5. Solar energy can be used at any time of the day.
  6. Solar energy is the future.