• 30% Income Tax Credit
  • Power Co. incentives
  • No Credit, No Income required
  • $0 out of your pocket
  • No payment for a year
  • Total Home & Commercial Efficiency Improvements
  • And more……

We have secured the New guidelines for 2018/2019 and lending procedures from State of Ca. PACE Program.
You still take advantage of the 30% Tax Rebate and Cash rebates from the power Co.
This is “0” out of your pocket and the next payment will be a Property Tax Assessment starting by end of the year,
It is a Great program,
Most of your payment and interest are Tax deductible Etc.. Etc.. the system and what you do on the house, it will practically pay for itself.
You will not pay for power for the rest of the life of the House and/or your stay at this house.
Increase the Value and the marketability of your property by 10%-15%.

And More….
Please call me with any questions that you might have.