Plans & Services


  • Single Family Residence
  • Multi Units
  • Multi Family Apartment Buildings
  • Residential Community


  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Centers (any size/Sq.ft)
  • Warehouses
  • Parking Lots/Structures
  • Farming
  • Solar Farms (On Vacant Lands)

Battery Storage and EV chargers


A) Product Warranty
B) Inverter Warranty
C) Workmanship Warranty
By going Solar property Owners can take Control and Own their Utility usage.

Free Consultation and Design

State of California PACE program, which enables the property owners to take advantage of getting approved for the property to be Rehabilitated and Upgraded with $0 out of their Pocket.

(Please call our Account Executives for more detail)

SunPro Energy Corp. is determined to provide Excellent service at the Best Rate Possible in today’s Market.
Presenting High Tech Panels with Clean, Efficient Energy custom designed to each individual’s Needs.

Realtors and Investors

Take advantage of PACE program; (Sell Faster, Increase the Value and the Marketability)

Upgrade the Property to its Highest and Best Condition with PACE program ($0 out of the property owner’s pocket)